Teatime Games Community Guidelines

Teatime Games’ goal is to bring people together by creating a mobile platform that provides a personal and friendly experience. This is the place where people who share a passion for games can interact anywhere, anytime. Teatime Games brings the best of both worlds, the physical and the digital one.

We want our games to reflect a diverse community of cultures, ages and beliefs. It is very important to us that all of our users feel safe and free to express themselves. In our games people can interact with others in a playful, yet respectful manner.

Due to the diversity of our users we have created these guidelines, for all of you.

We hope this guide will help you understand what is appropriate behaviour and where the limit is.

We Protect You

We have a rating system that allows you to report players and explain the reason why. We will delete accounts or penalize users that violate these guidelines and/or threaten any other player, shows inappropriate behavior during the live video or any other in-app feature.

We Condemn Any Disrespectful Conduct and Hate Speech

We will ban any user that threats other players or engages in hate speech on the app. We will also block the accounts of bullies that target individuals to degrade or shame them.

It is not allowed to share personal information intended for blackmailing or harassment, as well as addressing other players disrespectfully.

Disrespectful conduct also applies to specific threats of violence against others, self-harm, theft, vandalism and other financial harm.

Any misuse of this policy, including hoaxes or false threats of self-harm or violence will not be tolerated and could result in the termination of a player’s account for any of our titles.

Dangerous Behavior

Activities that put your life at risk or harm are prohibited. This also includes, suicide threats, self- injure and the use of illegal drugs.

Adult Content

Nudity and sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited. This includes any pornographic content, showing genitalia or sexual intercorse of any kind. Offering sexual services of any kind is also forbidden.

We have zero tolerance regarding child sexual exploitation or human slavery. If such actions are reported we will notice the correspondent authorities for investigation.

Protect Your Account and Personal Details

We make an effort to protect your personal details, when signing up for any of our apps. By accepting our terms of use you will accept using your real information and not another person’s without their consent.

For parents

Talk with your child about the risks of sharing information online. Carefully discuss the dangers of talking to strangers online. Children should develop a healthy skepticism about who they are talking to and about what.

Only Fair-play Allowed

Players will be penalized for the following actions:

  • Disconnect from a game intentionally.
  • Abort games in order not to lose.
  • Leaving a game unattended.
  • Cheating by using any kind of technology or external help.
  • Excessively reporting other players that have done nothing wrong.

If you are reported for consistently using these unfair tactics, we will take the necessary measures, including but not limited to:

  • Blocking the account.
  • Loss of points.
  • Disabling the user to play for a befitting period of time.

This list is not all-inclusive,. We reserve the right to block accounts or penalize players at our own discretion.

Player rating and reports

After each game players will get the opportunity to rate their opponents . This will allow players to report bad behavior and Teatime Games will actions take actions in accordance. We believe this will play a big part in keeping our community healthy.

How to Report a User

In order to report your opponent you can click your opponent’s video and subsequently the little exclamation mark next to their name. Users will also have the opportunity to do it after a game and on the chat screen. You will have to categorize your report into one of the following categories:

  • Harassment
  • Violence
  • Nudity
  • Hate Speech
  • Self-harm
These guidelines apply to any of Teatime Games’ titles.