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Hyperspeed is a thrilling and revolutionary racing game.The live video brings players together for a face to face battle. They put their Gamefaces on and communicate through live video as they try to prevail. The pilots can play against friends or anyone in the world and take part in an interplanetary battle.

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Games are an inherently social experience. Board games, video consoles, and arcade machines are all multiplayer for a reason. The fun is in your opponents' reaction, the gloating, the screams of frustration. Or in the case of cooperative games, the fun is in strategizing and winning together in real-time. Teatime is bringing this experience to modern mobile gaming.


Teatime Live

The complete platform for live games

Teatime is the best live platform for game developers. We handle the complicated stuff of running games with live video and Gamefaces so you can focus on creating the best gaming experience..

Face-to-face games are tricky to get right. Teatime is leading the way and helping game studios get their games to the next generation of social gaming.

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Teatime Games

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The company’s macro thesis is that games have always been inherently social throughout different eras (e.g. card games, board games, arcades, and consoles), and that most games truly come to life “through the interaction between people, opponents, and the audience”.


“Like all the best games studios, Thor and the Teatime team have extraordinary pedigree in mobile games, accumulating years of experience of scaling up a gaming platform with over 100 million users,” said Index Ventures investor Guzman Dias


Icelandic studio Teatime Games has raised over $9 million in seed funding to develop real-time social games. Investment outfit Index Ventures, which has previously backed other games companies including Supercell and King, led the funding round.

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A Multiplayer Experience

where everyone is equal

“I’m so happy with the first hires here at Teatime. The initial group is paramount in establishing a healthy culture. We already have fantastic traditions; great retrospective meetings, Friday feelings, and design sprints to name a few. We have a massive opportunity in front of us, and I'm excited about the journey.”
"At Teatime, employees are encouraged to share their opinions and take part in product decisions. That trust between managers and employees is extremely valuable and it has made the office a really calm and friendly workplace where everyone is equal."
“As a 3D artist at Teatime my role is to develop Augmented Reality within our platform. Exploring new territories is definitely part of the job and I love the variety of different tasks and the freedom to learn and grow with the job. We are a family and you feel that you are a part of the team and the product.”


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Our playground is in the heart of bustling Reykjavík
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